Pro Bowl Quarterback Onterrio Smith Football 2016

This mini-game has no connection to the CFBHC sim. This is just a toy project.

Simulate college football plays by completing the form below! Plays are simulated using a particle-based approach. Players move on a field and perform actions including handoffs, missed handoffs, handoff fumbles, grappling, blocking, knock downs, and tackling. Plays can include zone blocking on the offensive line, lead blocking, zone coverage, and man coverage options.

Run the Simulation

Play result: RB-RB1 Cesar Miller 5-9 197 [Speed] 3.0 of 3.0 ran for -3 yards and was tackled by DE-RDE Messiah Pruitt 6-1 263 [Contain] 3.5 of 3.5!

Offensive Gameplan

Game Situations

Select the proporition of each play type in a particular game situation. Columns should sum to 100.

Time remaining
Field position